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Hair loss is most common type of problem suffered mostly by men resulting in rigorous dent in self confidence. However, if your hair is getting thinner around the boundaries of scalp there is nothing to get panic about. Since there are many factors responsible for the receding hairline or hair loss, including problems like thyroid and diabetes so, find out the causes for hair loss, analyze and use the suitable product to treat the problem. Many think the problem of hair loss cannot be solved and always stuck up themselves in many embarrassing situations. In this modern era, there is abundance of options in the form of hair restoration products to treat the problem.

Falling of hair has always been inevitability for several years now but surgery for hair restoration, medical advancements and new technologies have basically made it possible for many people to help in solving the problem of hair loss. One may find a lot of hair restoration products like lotions and creams that are helpful in order to attain thinner hair or restoration of hair.

Some of the hair restoration products that help in attaining re-growth of hair include:

Procerin is a convenient tablet and is also available in a topical solution which is used for the purpose of hair restoration. Procerin is effective for men suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia, the most common type of male-pattern baldness that results in hair fall. Those who suffer from the problem of Androgenetic Alopecia have basically elevated levels of DHT chemical in the scalp. In such case, Procerin is the best DHT blocker that contains natural minerals and vitamins that help in supporting the receding hair line in an effective way. The active ingredients of Procerin are specifically formulated to block the transformation of DHT into testosterone and helps in blocking DHT without further reacting with testosterone. Procerin is designed scientifically in order to help men in retaining and re-growth of hair.
Rogaine is considered one of the best known hair restoration products and is quite popular among both women and men. While it is considered as one of the industry's leading products, it is still a medication (OTC) that can have side effects. Rogaine was originally a blood pressure medication.
This is one of the best known hair restoration products that is taken daily to treat male hair loss. It is a prescription medication, making it a less desirable hair restoration product due to its expense,necessity of a doctor visit, and high incidence of side effects, mainly sexual in nature.

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